10 Indian Superheroes in Marvel Comics

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.This list consists of the most celebrated Indian Superheroes in Marvel. Some of them we would definitely love them to see in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. These superheroes are mostly mutants and Inhumans who belongs to the team like X-Men and Secret Avengers.

Indian Superheroes in Marvel

10 Indian Superheroes in Marvel Comics


Indra a.k.a Paras Gavaskar is a Marvel Indian Superhero appeared in New X-Men: Academy X #7 published by Marvel Comics. Paras is a teenage mutant, Indra attended the Xavier Institute before its closing and is a member of the X-Men’s training squad. Indra ability includes possesses retractable sectional armored plates that he uses to protect himself in protective armor. Indra’s skin is purple and his hair is red-violet; he has a red-violet Hindu mark worn tilak on his forehead. Though he religiously believes in absolute non-violence, he is later imposed to act in self-defense and attack a corrupt military officer, that cause in an internal struggle and resulting him to lose access to all his powers. Indra is the most powerful Indian Superhero contender to be a part of MCU.


Not to confused with  John Proudstar who had the same name Neal Shaara is an Indian pyrokinetic (ability to control fire), he has no relation to the previous X-Men characters called Thunderbird. Neal Shaara is a vegan and was initially intended to be called Agni, after the god of fire in Hinduism. His character was depicted briefly a member of the X-Men. Neel was created by writer Chris Claremont and illustrated artist Leinil Francis Yu, he first appeared in X-Men vol. 2 #100 published in May 2000. He is the first Indian to be a member of the X-Men team.


Vesper apparently unrevealed the history files of the Genetix, although only Base’s past is actually revealed. The female member, mediator, and most of the time chief of Genetix. Vesper has telepathic and technopathic skills. She can even enter Cyberspace with her mind, though this leaves her body vulnerable. Once, her genetic material was mixed with that of Box and injected into Krista Marwan by Death Metal in an attempt to create a being who could destroy Death Metal.


Dinesh Deol was an Indian engineer. After being affected by the Terrigen Mist, a mutagenic, or mutation-causing, substance arising as a vapor cloud resulting from the Terrigen Bomb due to his Inhuman legacy, Dinesh developed the ability to check and the study of paranormal phenomena control the electromagnetic spectrum. His Terrigenesis occurred during a movie premiere, also attended by the fictional Marvel stars, Ajay Roy and Parvati Mehta. Dinesh stopped Ajay, who had also undergone Terrigenesis and was wreaking desolation before both were an ambush by agents of supervillain Hydra, seeking to apprehend and forcibly recruit the newly transformed Inhuman hybrids. Queen Medusa, Johnny Storm, Triton, and Naja arrived to aid and befriended Dinesh.

Grid possesses the power to visually see the electromagnetic spectrum to an infinite degree, but far greater than what is visible to a normal human or Inhuman. Deol is able to psionically (paranormal electronics) control waves of the spectrum and render them substantial to certain effects. Through his skills, Deol can mentally interact with and intuitively understand the innate workings futuristic cybernetics and information, once he also messed with Stark’s Artificial Intelligence ‘Friday’.

5.Spider-Man: India

Spiderman is sky high popular in India, so Marvel decided to give India their own superhero re-written by ‘Sharan Devaranjan’ who later founded GraphicIndia. In India Peter Parker became Pavitra Prabhakar, a simple boy from a rural village, moves to the city of dreams Mumbai with his Aunt Maya originally Aunt May and Uncle Ben became Uncle Bhim in Indian issue, who study after getting half a scholarship. Prabhakar’s parents died some years ago. Other students at his new school tease him and hit him for his studious nature and being a villager. He knows his Uncle Bhim is struggling to support him and his aunt Maya as much as possible, and pay his school fees very hard. Only Meera Jain, a popular girl from his school became his very good friend. Pavitr Prabhakar came across an ancient yogi who grants him the powers of a radioactive spider, in order to fight the evil that threatens the society. It would be fun to see Spider-Man India in the animated franchise ‘Spiderman Into The Verse’ as an Indian Superheroes in Marvel along with Indian Dr Octopus.


In Marvel Universe, Sati was shown as a protector of the people of India. Much like most superheroes in India, she is named after a goddess, Sati, the granddaughter of Brahma, the creator of Universe. Sometime in the past she met and befriended both Beast and Cecelia Reyes of the X-Men. She is said to have been adversaries for ages with a foe patterning itself after the demon-goddess Kalima. Sati serves India along with Skanda.

She enters the story after being pursued by the followers of Kalima and she crash-landed on Genosha where GeNEXT came to her support. Sati quickly formed a bond with member Rico and the two went on a walk along together and she introduced him to her uncle who shared his love of music. Sati is capable of flight at subsonic speeds and her body is more resistant to a physical wound in high altitude.


Created by Evan Skolnick and Patrick Zircher’s  ‘Timeslip’ first seen in the comics New Warriors #59 published in the mid-90s. Rina Patel later was known as Timeslip was one of the former Warriors whose hidden identities and home addresses were “outed” on a New Warriors hate site, a backlash from the latest incarnation of the Warriors’ involvement in a crisis that was the catalyst of the Marvel Comics publishing event known as Civil War. Rina Patel could swap her consciousness with her two alternate time self.

Eventually, she has the ability of limited time travel, and also employed her abilities to simulate super speed by slowing time surrounded her, much like the DC Comics Flash’s enemy, Zoom. As a college student, Rina was seen “time-swapping” to when she was four years old as a frustrated from studying. At the same time, her four-year-old consciousness was time-swapped to her college-age self, causing the child version of herself to anxious.


Vivatma is able to use his “Prana” or life force to connect with the Hindu God Shiva himself. Using almighty Hindu God Shiva’s power, Vivatma undergoes a transformation that grants him a mystical third eye with “infinite” awareness just like Lord Shiva also known as various names, eight arms, an increase in size and massive strength. He can also cure others by infusing his Prana into other living beings.


Shakti Haddad aka Cerebra was the daughter of Zail Haddad, a powerful and ruthless but rich businessman, whose company performed genetic experiments on poor peoples and impecunious citizens. Zail’s business practices, as he was performing experiments on only the disenfranchised, were not judge illegal in the dystopian universe of the Marvel 2099 imprint. After knowing the sins of her father’s work Cerebra left home nearly a decade before the start of the story. Zail Haddad sent bounty hunters to get her back, though none would succeed. During this time Shakti met a man named Ryu Kobolt, an agent of Feng Huang in Hong Kong who she fell in love with. Kobolt however, was suffering from a lethal disease and left Shakti, to save her the sorrow of his eventual death.


In the last member of our list of Indian Superheroes in Marvel Universe, we have Tigerman who’s real name is still unknown, but he some familiar story like Tarzan. The origin of the tangled vegetation hero known as Tigerman. He has a faithful companion an ape named Rangoo, the only one to better know the Tigerman. A day in the forest he came across Professor Carson an explorer and his daughter Louise Carson who was attacked by members a Tribe. Even though Tigerman came to save them, they were all trapped and brought to the Monolink Tribe’s chief King Kuu. Kuu had them locked away in jail. However, Tigerman and Rangoo helped Carson’s break free. Escaping in one of King Kuu’s progressed boats, they attempted to escape down a lake, however, the tribe’s weapons damaged the boat and it started to sink. While Tigerman and the other prisoners managed to get away from the Monolink Tribe by swimming down the rapids, Professor Carson drowned. With her father’s death, Louise wished to stay with Tigerman.

So, these are the 10 Indian Superheroes in Marvel, we would love to see them in MCU ( Marvel Cinematic Universe).

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