14 Best TV Series of 2018 To Binge Watch

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The golden age of American Television and streaming sites are still on. This year we had lots of hit from every genre to binge watch within a day. This year we had great sci-fi, adventure, and black comedy stories. Most of them are adapted from comic books or previous Television shows or movies. Here is a list of 14 Best TV Series of 2018 To Binge Watch.

Best TV Series of 2018

14 Best TV Series of 2018 To Binge Watch


Westworld is a Western science fiction TV Series created by Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy. Produced by HBO and Warner Bros, it is based on the 1973 film of the same name which was written and directed by Michael Crichton. Westworld Movie was made on a budget $1.25 million and to a lesser extent the sequel, Futureworld. Westworld was debut in HBO in 2017 and both the season of Westworld have 10 episodes of 50 minutes of runtime.

The first season Westworld: The Maze blurred the line between Artificial Intelligence and Intelligence itself and also a tale of good versus evil. But none of the characters you can’t categorize by good or bad. The second season follows in the aftermath of Dolores’ uprising, as she recruits a number of hosts to fight off arriving Delos security forces while looking for the key to the Valley Beyond, believed by the Ghost Nation to be a door to the next world.
Original Network: HBO
Genre: Sci-Fi


You may argue that Why Daredevil is in the list of Best TV Series 2018. But I believe Daredevil Season 03 is one of the series on Netflix streaming right now. Daredevil Season 2 faced with a mixed response from critics as well as the Marvel fans. The third season of this show took a gap of one year for its renewal and without compromising with the number of episodes.

Many of fans are stating as this is the last season of the Netflix show. But according to Deadline Hollywood Netflix has announced the season cancellation of Daredevil along with “Luke Cage” because of fewer viewers. The third season ends with Fisk defeats Dex, leaving him paralyzed, while Matt overpowers and beats Fisk but chooses to spare his life. Daredevil Season 03 will always be memorable for its popular quote “A man without fear is a man without hope.”
Original Network: Netflix
Genre: Superhero

#3.The Haunting of Hill House

The Haunting of Hill House is a Supernatural Horror Netflix TV series 2018 created by Mike Flanagan which is based on of the 1959 novel The Haunting of Hill House Shirley Jackson with a different narrative. The story was set on two timelines of past and present. Every episode of the series introduces a new character, first episode of the show “Steven Sees a Ghost” introduce Steven Crain is an author known for The Haunting of Hill House, an autobiographical novel about his childhood experience while residing in the haunted mansion along with parents Hugh and Olivia, and four siblings.

Steven used his family’s traumatic experiences of paranormal occurrences to write his book, straining the bonds with his siblings. Although it became a best-seller, Steven missed most of the frightening experiences and does not actually believe in the paranormal because he never experiences except his changes in father. At, the end of the first episode Steven realize that one of his siblings is a ghost.
Original Network: Netflix
Genre: Horror

#4.Sharp Objects

Sharp Objects is an American psychological thriller Best TV Series 2018 based on Gillian Flynn’s debut novel of the Sharp Objects that premiered on July 8, 2018, on HBO and created by Marti Noxon. While Sharp Objects is directed by Jean-Marc Vallée who is known for his work on short films like Stereotypes. Sharp Objects is about Camille Preaker a crime reporter, suffering from AUD (Alcohol Use Disorder) and recently discharged from a psychiatric hospital after years of self-harming, returns to her hometown Missouri, to investigate the murders of two girls.
Original Network: Psychological Thriller
Genre: HBO

#5.The Americans

The first season of The Americans gone underappreciated but slowly grow a passionate following due to its positive word of mouth, the sixth season of the series receives some of the best reviews of the ongoing series. The Americans are spy thriller period drama about Keri Rusell, a KGB officer who soon need to leave America behind and return to Russia, and it puts her daughter Paige played by Holly Taylor in a dilemma to decide between family and country.
Original Network: FX
Genre: Thriller

#6.Killing Eve

The sixth in the list of Best TV Series of 2018 is Killing Eve, this show has become popular among many of BBC lovers. Shortly after the first season, BBC America renewed a second season of the TV Show. Killing Eve is based on Luke Jennings’s Codename Villanelle novella series and developed for television by Phoebe Waller-Bridge. Killing Eve is about two women- Eve Polastri, an MI5 officer who becomes obsessed with a notorious assassin Villanella, who is a psychopathic, skilled assassin who becomes obsessed with Eve Polastri who begins tracking her.
Original Network: BBC
Genre: Drama

#7.Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan

Jack Ryan, a low-level CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) financial analyst comes to know that 9 Million USD of unusual financial transactions are connected to a new terrorist named Suleiman from Yemen. Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, or simply Jack Ryan, is based on characters from the fictional “Ryanverse” created by American novelist Tom Clancy. In April 2018, it was announced that Amazon had renewed the series for a second season which has been described as following Ryan as he confronts “the forces in power in a dangerous, declining democratic regime in South America.”.
Original Network: Amazon Prime Video
Genre: Spy-Thriller


Barry Berkman (Bill Hader), a US Marine turned low rent assassin in Midwest who is sent by Monroe Fuch (Stephen Root) his handler, to Los Angeles to perform a hit for the Chechen mob boss Goran Pazar who wants him to kill a man. Ryan Madison (Tyler Jacob Moore), having an affair with his wife. Barry is already dissatisfied and lonely in his life. Barry ends up finding an accepting community in a batch of eager hopefuls within the Los Angeles theater scene.

Barry has created by Alec Berg and Bill Hader that premiered on March 25, 2018, on HBO consists of 10 episodes each 30 minutes of runtime. Barry has been met with a positive critical response, winning two Emmy Awards Primetime Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series for Hader and Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series for Henry Winkler.
Original Network: HBO
Genre: Dark-Comedy

#9.The End of The F***ing World

A British dark comedy series based on a graphic novel by Charles S. Forsman, first premiered in the United Kingdom in Channel4. The End of the F***ing World about not relatable human character psychopath couple – Alyssa and James. At its heart, The End of The F***king World is a love story about two troubled teenagers trying to solve their severe issues and the questionable choices the juveniles made. The series is eight episodes long of each 20 minutes.
Original Network: Channel4/ Netflix
Genre: Dark Comedy


When two of promising Hollywood actors are coming together it means there is something special. Maniac is launched in 2016, Netflix ordering the production straight-to-series that same month. Maniac is a dark comedy Norwegian TV Series Maniac by Espen PA Lervaag which was praised for its visuals and performances of Emma Stones and Jonah Hills.

Annie Landsberg (Emma Stones), a woman with an emotionally unstable disorder who dwells unhealthily on her relationships. Annie also induce portrays Linda Marino, Arlie Kane, Annia, and Ruth in the B and C pill-induced dreams. On the other hand, Jonah Hill as Owen Milgrim, the son of a wealthy family who potentially has schizophrenia but hiding his symptoms from his family, including seeing an imaginary brother named Grimsson who keeps reminding that he is in a mission.
Original Network: Netflix
Genre: Dark-Comedy

#11.The Handmaid’s Tale

The Handmaid’s Tale is an American dystopian drama best tv series 2018 created by Bruce Miller, based on the 1985 novel “The Handmaid’s Tale” by Margaret Atwood. The Handmaid’s Tale is the best TV Series produced by Hulu till date. The plot of The Handmaid’s Tale features a dystopian future following a Second American Civil War were in a totalitarian society subjects fertile women, called “Handmaids” which means by personal female servants, into child-bearing servitude.

Hulu’s The Handmaid’s Tale also became the first streaming series to win the Golden Globe Award for Best Television Series – Drama. Elisabeth Moss was also awarded the Golden Globe for Best Actress. In May 2018, Hulu announced that the series had been renewed for a third season.
Original Network: Hulu
Genre: Dystopian-Drama

#12.The Chilling Adventure of Sabrina

Sabrina lives with her two aunts and spends her days hanging with her boyfriend Harvey, and best friends Roz and Susie. However, on Sabrina’s 16th birthday, she must fully be accepting her witch half-life through a dark Christian religious rite called as baptism, where she will undertaking oath for loyalty to the Dark Lord Satan. However, her friends and Harvey wants her to be together on her birthday and see an eclipse but she declines as their family has super secret tradition years in the making plan. Later Sabrina is moved on to the University of Unseen Arts after winning a case in Witch Court.

The Chilling Adventure of Sabrina is a crossover to the Netflix Original “Riverdale” and both the series are based on comic books of Archie Comics written by different creators. In this first season of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Moses Thiessen reprises his role as Ben Button from Riverdale. The series is been considered as one of the finest series in the streaming site of 2018.
Original Network: Netflix
Genre: Fantasy/Horror


Riverdale is an American teen drama television series based on the characters of Archie Comics. Riverdale series follows Archie Andrews (KJ Appa)’s life within the community of Riverdale and explores the darkness hidden behind its apparently excellent image. This year Riverdale had their third season and get the best critical reception ever with 93% Fresh Rotten Tomatoes Rating average of 45 Reviews.

The third season follows Archie’s friends and family pay the summer at his trial. The choose orders the jury to deliberate over a legal holiday weekend. Archie, Betty, Veronica, and Jughead plan to pay the weekend along. A furious flower confronts Hiram, whereas Hiram explains that he did this thanks to her betrayal. Meanwhile, Betty has bothered with Alice and Polly because the 2 of them attempt to persuade her to affix their cult, the Farm.
Original Network: The CW
Genre: Mystery


The second season of Atlanta titled as Robbin Season which has one more episode than the previous traditional number of 10. The series follows Earnest aka Earn during his daily life in Atlanta, Georgia, as he tries to redeem himself in the eyes of his ex-girlfriend, who is the mother of his daughter, as well as his parents and his cousin Alfred. The first season of Atlanta is received widespread critical acclaim for its sense of humor and the performance of Donald Glover.

Every episode of Atlanta is about 25-35 minutes of runtime. The first episode of the second season of Atlanta named “Alligator Man” which references the Florida Man meme, which is mentioned throughout the episode by Darius and Willie. Florida Man is an Internet meme, popularized in 2013, in which the phrase “Florida Man” is interpreted as the name of the same individual in multiple unrelated news articles.
Original Network: FX
Genre: Comedy

So, here is the fourteen Best TV Series of 2018 that was bingeable from all the TV Channels and Streaming sites like Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, HBO etc.

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