Bradley Cooper’s A Star is Born Review

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Bradley Cooper‘s directorial debut is getting a highly positive review from cinephiles and critics. As a first time director, you can’t find any debutant could do. Please don’t be surprised if Cooper is nominated for Best Director in the Academy Award.

A Star is Born is a musical drama which based on 1937 film of the same name which is also remade two more times before in past. Here is a full review of the film.

A Star is Born Review

Many of us expected that this film could be a long music video which stars one of the most popular stars “Lady Gaga” but it was not. This film is a whole notebook for especially for Easter movies how to music in the right places. A Star is Born is the best love as Bradley Cooper Actor and Director.

For sure A Star is Born will nominate in many award nomination from top Award Shows including Oscar. The film would be much better if the editor has cut down some unnecessary scenes.

Genre: Romance/Drama
Director: Bradley Cooper
Writer: Will Fetters, Eric Roth, Bradley Cooper
Runtime: 135 minutes
Studio: Warner Bros. Pictures

After a long gap, Hollywood came with a film which satisfies most of us in the theatre. A Star Is Born is an explanation that good stories never die whether written seven decades before; they just patiently rest as filmmakers figure out how to bring back their shines brightly.

A Star is Born Cast:

Bradley Cooper -Jackson Maine, a well-known singer-songwriter.
Lady Gaga -Ally, an aspiring singer-songwriter.
Sam Elliott -Bobby Maine, Jackson’s older brother and he manages for him.
Dave Chappelle -George “Noodles” Stone, Jackson’s close friend.
Andrew Dice Clay -Lorenzo, Ally’s father.
Anthony Ramos -Ramon, Ally’s friend.

In a recent post of ours of “Most Anticipating Hollywood Movies of October 2018“, we kept the film at #2 after Venom but we did a mistake. It’s an anticipating but far ahead we thought of. The movies have only pros which a well-directed film from an experienced actor.

Bradley has given a great importance to other supporting roles which makes it more memorable and leads to create lovable “A Star is Born” with some interesting souls. Lady Gaga and Cooper together looks great in the frame which we hadn’t expected earlier. Sam Elliot and Andrew Dice have done some extraordinary performance. Dice as Lady Gaga’s father looks very real and both looks believable.

Lady Gaga has a Golden Globe award for acting, so she’s not exactly a debutant. A Star Is Born nevertheless plays as a striking debut, a consummate show-woman finally revealing the full shade and natural ease of hard work. Of course, when her character, Ally—a waitress who moonlights as a cabaret singer at a homosexual bar, lets loose with Gaga’s famous low pitch singing bellow, we’re seeing the pop star we’ve long loved from years.

These performance scenes are true magic, reveling in the shiver-inducing wonder of a religious revival and a coronation. They’re some of the most spirited stretches of film you’re likely to see this fall.

Trivia: The film is remade thrice in Hollywood and also remade unofficially in Bollywood as “Aashiqui 2” and also in Telugu as “Nee Jathaga Nenundhali”.

A Star is Born Bollywood Remake

Last words for A Star Is Born that you leave with the lasting for a long time or slow to end glow of a constellation still extremely shining impressive in your eyeballs.

So. this is our review of Bradley Cooper’s “A Star is Born” and highly recommended to watch.

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