College Romance (The Timeliners Web Series) Review

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College Romance is a coming-of-age teen web series streaming on TVF sisters channel “The Timeliners“.  A story of three Best Friends Forever’s: Karan (Kesav Sadhna), Trippy (Manjot Singh), and Naira (Apoorva Arora); who fall in love with their crushes and their absurd romantic stories take off. Here is our College Romance Web Series Review.

The first episodes of the series “College Romance” on 07 August. The series premiered with a good expectation for its content and excellent new coming actors. This was the second web series of Manjot Singh after What’s Your Status which received a good response from the digital platform users. College Romance end with the 5th episode on 09 September. After, the 4th episodes of the web series ended with a cliffhanger in a serious note.

The first episode of College romance titled “The Hint” where introduces the main four protagonists and Tippy’s crush Raveena. The web series revolves around three college friends – Naira, Trippy and Karan, who recently becomes seniors. Karan is a boyfriend to the hottest girl in the college Deepika played by Shreya Mehta. But Karan wants a break up from her. While Trippy is trying to attract a fresh year student Raveena’s attention by hook or crook. The third friend in the group, Naira is the sensible girl in the group trying to make the guys realize the mistakes of thinking useless hints. And at the end of the first episode, Trippy got to succeed and she told him that “Girls like honest guys”.

Genre: Teen/Romance
Writers: Kunal Aneja and Abhishek Srivastav
Director: Simarpreet Singh

The writer of College romance Kunal and Abhishek came with a very new story and very cool one-liners. The web series is funny in most of the moments with such every believable character. The only fourth episode “Spank Me” where the story goes a little bit serious but not last for a long time. The story goes more entertaining when the new character Bagga was introduced. The last web series of The Timeliners “Engineering Girls” which was in the same genre, but it was a challenge for them to be different from that, and how they execute by the director is really commendable.

The other problem that writers of web series face are the sponsorship that had to be part of the story. The bike of Karan which he called as Mohini, and he never pick up his girlfriend makes easy to showcase about their sponsor.

Limitations in College Romance:

There are not so much complaint about the web series but there are of course repeating this in the series. If you watched other romantic comedy web series, there is not much different from others. Even in some characters which more looks as sketchy as a YouTube video.  Sure it’s not TVF’s Permanent Roommates or the What’s Your Status but there are many similar elements to one another.

Coming back to the performance of the actors. All the actors have done a very good performance, might be because the actors are playing themselves personally. It is quite a surprise but Keshav Sadhna steals the show above all and his one-liners are not predictable.

College Romance Total Episodes:05
Original Network: The Timeliners
Timeliners College Romance Cast:
Manjot Singh – Trippy
Apoorva Arora – Naira
Keshav Sadhna – Karan
Hira Ashar – Raveena
Gagan Arora – Bagga
Shreya Mehta – Deepika

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