DC’s Aquaman Review

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Aquaman is the sixth installment in DC’s cinematic universe “DC Extended Universe” aka DCEU. However, five out of three movies in DCEU turn out to be a critical failure with the same reception from most of the fans. DCEU starts with Man of Steel with big expectations but except Wonder Woman could not meet the same expectation after Superman’s Man of Steel. Now it’s the viral question that would Aquaman revive DCEU and they had a better future. Here’s a full DC’s Aquaman Review with fewer spoilers.

aquaman review

DC’s Aquaman Review

James Wan’s Aquaman is the most ambitious and huge production of his career. Yes, it’s true that DC made mistakes in the past, but also they did experiments with expensive budget and large scale. DC tries to be different from Marvel Cinematic Universe and which are darker, edgier and cooler. Aquaman fills the requirement of other movies from DC, better special effects, more routine mainstream superhero origin story.

Aquaman Movie Origin

In UK’s Maine, During a storm Thomas Curry, a lighthouse keeper rescues Atlanna, who is a princess of the underwater nation of Atlantis, a fictional aquatic civilization. Atlanna and Thomas eventually fall in love and give birth to a son, Arthur, who is born with the power to communicate with marine lifeforms who later termed as “Aquaman”. Atlanna is forced to abandon her family and return to Atlantis, investing to her loyal advisor Nuidis Vulko(Willem Dafoe) the mission of training Arthur.

Arthur Curry (Jasson Mamoa) became a very well skilled warrior but he is being rejected by the society of Atlantis because of being a half-breed. A year later, Arthur faces a pirate group attempting to hijack a nuclear submarine which leads to the death of the leader Jesse Kane. Jesse Kane’s son David who is better known as Black Manta seeking revenge from Arthur. The rest of the story is about How Arthur Curry met Mera and Will he be accepted by the citizens of Atlantis.

Genre: Superhero/Fantasy
Director: James Wan
Screenplay Writer: David Leslie
Cast: Jason Mamoa, Amber Heard, Willem Dafoe
Comic Book Writer: Mort Weisinger

In many of DC’s Aquaman Review, we can see it faces criticism for it’s some similarities with MCU’s Black Panther. But keeping aside, Aquaman is very much close to with the comic book written by David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick and Will Beall. David Leslie and Will Beal have written a very gripping tight screenplay which will engage you on edge of the seat from the first frame to the last. But the characterization of Black Manta lacks for many spots and you will be demanding more if you’re expecting more from it.

Well choreographed action sequences and top-notch visual effects which take place in an underwater civilization. As I said before Aquaman has the best special effects of DCEU to date, and which came with a good storytelling. Jason Mamoa and his half-brother played by Pattrick Wilson in the role of Ocean Master is a delight to watch.


Above all Aquaman is an entertaining mainstream movie with stunning visuals with very acceptable performances of Jason Mamoa and other supporting casts. Hope You Like Our Aquaman Review and must share.

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