Hotstar Specials City Of Dreams Review: Nagesh Kukunoor Delivers An Entertaining Political Drama

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Hotstar City of Dreams is a web series directed by veteran Nagesh Kukunoor which is available on Hotstar on its new label Hotstar Specials from 3rd May 2019. Here’s Hotstar City of Dreams Review.

City Of Dreams Review

Hotstar Specials City Of Dreams Review

Hotstar City Of Dreams is the second original drama series in Hotstar. The first drama series ‘Criminal Justice’ gained a good response from the viewers and a worth watching series in the era of huge OTT market of Netflix and Amazon Prime. Rohit Banawlikar and Nagesh Kukunoor have written the 10 episodes of the web series. Mayanagari-City of Dreams starts with an assassination of the Cheif Minister in the road of Mumbai, then the story intersects multiple characters.

The story deals with multiple characters and a fictional political party ‘Maharastra Jan Party’, most prominent the Cheif Minister who was shot and his two kids- one married girl and a young single boy ‘Ashish Gaikwad’. Ashish is very short tempered he also shouts at the doctor who is treating his father and he desperately wants to the King of Mumbai next. But Ashish sister ‘¬†Poornima Gaikwad’ is just looking opposite to her and their party workers want her to be got the next ticket in election.

Poornima Gaikwad played by Priya Bapat is very confusing and she had left student election before because her father had scolded her. At the end of the fifth episode, we got to Poornima tells wants to get everything that she does not get because she has a vagina in between her legs and she has a lesbian relationship with her best friend. An encounter cop Wasim Khan who is transferred from the main city is brought back unofficially to trap everyone who has planned to shoot Gaikwad.

Indians are very new to this series culture with multiple characters and that’s what these series make confuse to the viewers and you can see in most of the “City of Dreams Review”. There are characters who not look as important to have good screentime and half baked subplot. But later or sooner the character makes a serious impact on the main plot. The series is premiered in between of Lok Sabha elections are going on, its a huge risk because there are movies which are ban till the end of the last phase of the election.

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The series touch sensible themes like Muslim terrorism and not try to justify terrorism or why they became criminals and the main cop who is against all these criminals is also Khan. Besides all the characters and many themes, the series didn’t tackle the influence and war happened in social media nowadays.

Hotstar City Of Dreams Cast: Amrita Bagchi, Priya Bapat, Siddharth Chandekar, Eijaz Khan
Hotstar City Of Dreams IMDB: 7.7/10
Mayanagri City Of Dreams Writer: Nagesh Kukunoor, Rohit Banawlikar
Hotstar City Of Dreams Episodes: 10
Hotstar City Of Dreams Director: Nagesh Kukunoor

Nagesh Kukunoor who made independent debut with classic “Hyderabad Blues”, now his first series in OTT made in the genre of Politics and Crime. In an interview of Nagesh told that he wants to make a movie in every genre. In over the years, Kukunoor made Sports to Psychological thriller. Apart from Iqbal and Dor none of the movies made a great impact in Box Office. A Telugu movie is also in the upcoming movie list in Nagesh filmography, with no idea what the director is going to deliver.

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