Iron Fist Season 02 Review: Improvised Still The Marvel’s Worst Show

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Iron Fist Season 02 of the American Netflix Original series Iron Fist, which is based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name, follows Danny Rand / Iron Fist created by Roy Thoman and Gill Kane, first appeared in Marvel Premiere #15 published in 1974.

Iron Fist Season 02 Review

Iron Fist is a martial arts expert with the ability to call upon the power of the Iron Fist. It is set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), sharing continuity with the films and other television series of the franchise. This Iron Fist season is produced by Marvel Television in association with ABC Studios, with Raven Metzner serving as showrunner in the streaming site Netflix. Here is our Iron Fist Season 02 review.

Iron Fist Season 02 Review

The first season of the Iron Fist disappoints every fan of Marvel Cinematic Universe. The Iron Fist Season 01 has got some horrible review of for Marvel Television and also Netflix. Now the Iron Fist Season 02 is told to be improvised and it’s true but actually, I felt the biggest strength of the season 02 is there is three less episode this time and which leads to better writing this time. Yes, it is not up to the standard of Jessica Jones and Luke Cage. The biggest satisfaction for fans MCU of the Iron Fist Season 02 is that it finally recognizes what most of us figured out in the first season of Iron Fist.

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Iron Fist this season is much recommended for its finale episode. The first season also ended with a cliffhanger, but we are the season 03 will be the much-awaited season because of the tenth episode of season 02. And the third season might be the last season of the show.

The character Colleen Wing played Game of Throne’s actress Jessica Henwick is one of the talked about the reason to watch this show. Hopefully, Iron Fist upcoming seasons are anticipated for the right reason.

Main Characters of Iron Fist

Finn Jones – Danny Rand
Jessica Henwick – Colleen Wing
Tom Pelphrey – Ward Meachum
Jessica Stroup – Joy Meachum
Sacha Dhawan – Davos
Simone Missick – Misty Knight
Alice Eve – Mary Walker

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Iron Fist Season 02 Ending

Iron Fist Season 02 Ending

In the last episode of Iron Fist Season 02, we see Colleen, Danny fighting Davos to go through the ritual. But it won’t work out as we think, and instead, Danny gets the powers. Its a fun fact from Marvel that it might be Colleen related to a character called Wu Ao-Shi, and she is the First female Iron Fist. Colleen is able to do some other kinds of stuff with the Iron Fist abilities, she is able to saturate her Katana Sword.

Now Danny and Ward are now in Japan to find out who that spooky corpse belong to. Here we heard the name, Orsan Randal and Danny has got his two Iron Fist back and he uses to charge up the pistol and shootout a bullet in the air, which is honestly not picturized well. Now it could be also a fact that might be the guns be fueling him using residual energy that Orson left behind if you refer to Iron Fist comics and it is told there that multiple people can wield at the same time.

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With the introduction of Orson Randall, it’s could be hinting at the coolest storyline. Orsan Randal is the last person to wield the Iron Fist before Danny. We are gently pull in the first season that K’un Lun is one of the seventh cities of heaven. And might next season will reveal the other six cities that not have been told before. And we’ll see K’un Lun after three seasons and the undying dragon that we have only heard about. There are more many things to disclose in the Iron Fist Season 03. Stay tuned to our site to know about Orson Randall.

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Did You Need To Watch Iron Fist

Yes, definitely Iron Fist is not stand up to the expectation we had. The season cliffhanger is a sure reason to check this series on Netflix. It will be a worth of your time. It would be much better if you check Iron Fist comics before. The patches in the first season in the second season. But technically really need some improvement still.

Hope You Like Our Iron Fist Season 02 Review. And Please let us known What you feel about this season of Iron Fist and are you waiting for the next season.

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