Atkinson’s Johnny English Strikes Again Review

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Johnny English Strikes Again is a spoof action comedy film directed by David Kerr Johnny English Strikes Again is a sequel to the 2011 film Johnny English Reborn and the third installment in the Johnny English franchise. Here is our review of ‘Johnny English Strikes Again’.

Johnny English Strikes Again Review

Johnny English Strikes Again Review

Johnny English Strikes Again – The so-called spoof of British spy film franchise “James Bond“. The biggest problem with the Johnny English series is, all three movies had been directed by different directors. Because of which the series looks unconnected and emerges very a bad execution.

Most of the time the humor feels as if it is pitched to kids, not for adults, and Johnny English’s wacky misadventures aren’t as creative and concentrate as Atkinson’s silent-movie gags in the persona of Mr. Bean. There are some lovely moments approaching a helicopter while dressed in a resembling suit of armor and the rotary part blades briefly clanging against his helmet.

Director: David Kerr
Producer: Chris Clark, Tim Bevan, Eric Fellner, Rowan Atkinson, Rafaël Benoliel
Screenplay Writer: William Davies
Based on Characters by Neal Purvis, Robert Wade, and William Davies

The villain of the movie is the badly written screenplay which actually has nothing after the introduction scenes. The Scenes looks funny only if you’re not finding any humor in the plots. Atkison’s Performance is the only thing to make you engage throughout the movie and sometime this will not make satisfy enough. Director “David Kerr” has never made such massive budget movie and he failed to impress the large audience.

Music Director: Howard Goodall

Cinematographer: Florian Hoffmeister
Editor: Tony Cranstoun
Production Company:
Working Title Films
Perfect World Pictures

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Johnny English Strikes Again Story

One night, British Military Intelligence MI7 receives a cyber attack from an unknown distinct existence which exposes the identities of all their current secret agents of MI7. MI7 subsequently forced to restore their older and inactive agents.

Then introduce English(Rowan Atkinson), who is currently a geography teacher secretly training his students in secret service, is summoned by MI7. However, he accidentally prevents the other summoned retired agents. Thus, Johnny English is tasked to complete the mission by himself. but he asks for to be accompanied by his old colleague, Bough(Ben Miller).

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister (Emma Thompson) is considering a meeting with a Silicon Valley billionaire, Jason Volta, to form an agreement that she can bring to a G12 meeting between 12 major countries. English and Bough travel to the south of France and begin their investigations.

Johnny English Strikes Again Cast:

  • Rowan Atkinson
  • Ben Miller
  • Olga Kurylenko
  • Jake Lacy
  • Emma Thompson

Verdict: Johnny English Strikes Again is not a brainless but a popcorn film which you would like to watch in home video rather than in a theatre experience. Rowan is worth your time but the film wasn’t.

Hope you like the verdict of the film “Johnny English Strikes Again“. Check our other review and articles.

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