Malayalam Movie Odiyan Review

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Mohanlal’s Odiyan is one of the most anticipating movies of the year has released. A movie which takes lots of blood and sweat to an Industry like Mollywood. Odiyan is expecting to be like the previous Blockbuster Pulimurgan which was also appreciated for its action choreography and visual effects. Here is Malayalam Movie Odiyan Review.

Odiyan is a fantasy story of the last man from a tribe of the 18th century in pastoral Kerala, said to transform into various animals and attack humans under the concealed in the darkness of night-time.

malayalam movie odiyan

Malayalam Movie Odiyan Review

Odiyan was written by Harikrishnan, which is based on the legend of the Odiyan clan, who in Kerala folklore are men who have shapeshifting abilities and can assume inhuman forms. The whole premise of Odiyan demands a huge visual production and an epic story. Odiyan lacks both the aspects, Odiyan literally delivers nothing exciting in the screenplay and poorly edited. The movie’s first half is to bad that the second half looks impressive, if not the technical aspects do.

Malayalam Movie Odiyan Story

Odiyan begins, after 15 years an old age Odiyan name Manikyan (Mohanlal) returns to his village Thenkkurussi. Through the narrative of Mammooty a series of previous events that dominate, we also get to know of the reason for Manikyan departure under a cloud of suspicion following the deaths of two local people. We learn too of the triangular relationship between the poor hero, the mistress of the house he serves Prabha and the libidinous Ravunni (Prakash Raj). Prabha incorporates a blind sister (Sana Althaf).

Don’t Forget to Check:

The poorly written first half spend on creating the characterization of Manikyan in both forms. The director V.A Shrikumar Menon and writer Harikrishnan not defined what really want to convey. They are showcasing a supernatural assassin as a Mollywood Superhero but without any mass dialogues or regressive action sequence.

Genre: Fantasy/Superhero
Director: V.A Shrikumar Menon
Editor: Johnkutty
Cinematographer: Shaji Kumar
Runtime: 2Hour 43Minutes

Odiyan lacks is depth and description in distinction with these modern Overseas myths backward on screen and with richly representative ancient non-secular mythology worldwide, as well as domestic own. Odiyan through its nearly 3 hours period of time is that the unpretentious air it manages to make up from the beginning, the traditional Malayalam movie cinematography work throughout the few (too few) action scenes, Mohanlal’s physical transformation to play the younger Manikyan his styling, makeup and visible weight loss and the pleasure, as always, of seeing actor like Manju Warrier in a considerable important role.

Malayalam Movie Odiyan Cast

Mohanlal – Odiyan Manikyan
Prakash Raj – Ravunni
Manju Warrier – Prabha
Innocent – Gopi Mash
Siddique – Damodharan Nair

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