Amazon Prime’s Mirzapur Review

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Mirzapur is Amazon Prime Video’s third fiction Indian Original after Inside Edge and Breathe. It’s an action-crime drama created and produced by the team of Emmy Award-Nominated Series “Inside Edge“. Here’s Amazon Prime Video’s Mirzapur Review.

mirzapur review

Mirzapur Review

Mirzapur from outside we can see as a dystopian world. Very less character’s who had mercy or who are following the laws, even police officers and college professors are also with Kalen Bhaiya. Mirzapur is the most violent Series ever made in India. Mirzapur contains equal bloodshed as a Tarantino’s movie but not to be surprised Mirzapur also had a very good humor.

If you are thinking about Mirzapur is like other major hits like Inside Edge or Sacred Games than you’ll be disappointed with the product. Mirzapur is unpredictable about the characters not for the ending conclusion. The weakest part of the series is the last episode. The ninth episode is more dramatic than the other episodes. Only the violence and bloodshed will make you believable other than that everything is predictable, some of the characters should be alive because creators have to pull off to the next season.

Mirzapur Story

Mirzapur starts with the introduction of Munna Bhaiya (Divyendu Sharma), the most merciless and less experienced of the Tripathi family. Munna is a legitimate son of Kalin Bhaiya he deals for guns, which is one of their black business. Munna is the only candidate of their college elections, hangs around with his three friends and bullies other.

The other side of Mirzapur is the two brothers Guddu and Bablu. They are different in nature where Bablu is interested in higher coaching for IS and Guddu is a bodybuilder and training for Mr. Purvaanchal. Their families faced a problem which later leads to work for Kalin Bhaiya. But they had many issues with Munna, including Guddu’s girlfriend, is also love interest of Munna.

There are four lead female characters of Mirzapur, Kalin Bhaiya’s second wife “Beena Tripathi” played by Rashika. She doesn’t care about the Tripathi’s business in Mirzapur. She is just because of her physical desires because she’s not satisfied with her husband. Then there’s Harshita Gaur as Dimpi Pandit, she is most confused one, at one point she said that she is in her father’s side who is a lawyer and against Munna but later her conviction fade out.

Two daughters of Inspector Parashuram played by Shahnawaz Pradhan – Sweety and Golu. Sweety introduced in the pilot episode where she’s flirting Guddu. It seems like Sweety is average in her studies and she has no problem with what he is doing for Kalin Bhaiya. She has guts to say she is not interested in Munna even knowing her father is like a postman for Munna’s father. And her father has no problem with Munna because he knows he is the next king of Mirzapur.

Then comes the most prominent character among all the lead characters. Golu is introduced in the second episode and must say her entry is best among all the cast. Golu was introduced in a library where she is masturbating reading a sex story which was a voice over about a married woman Sarita. She’s a topper in her batch and very clear about her but she faces a dilemma when her principal when she asked to be a candidate for college election.

Mirzapur Cast

Pankaj Tripathi – Kalin Bhaiya “King of Mirzapur”
Divyendu Sharma – Munna Tripathi
Ali Fazal – Guddu Pandit
Vikrant Massey – Bablu Pandit
Amit Sial – Maurya Sahab
Shweta Tripathi – Golu Gupta
Shriya Pilgaonkar – Sweety Gupta
Rasika Dugal – Beena Tripathi
Harshita Gaur – Dimpi Pandit
Kulbhushan Kharbanda – Kalin Bhaiya’s father

Talking about all performances, Tripathi is king among all of them. But it was not a quite surprise because we already have seen such work of him. In “Powder” he played Naved Ansari who is quite similar to Kalin and also to the character of Gurgaon. But difference among all of these characteristics is how they behave with family members.

The surprise element is Munna is meant to be menacing and has been given all the slang words aplenty, enough drugs to sniff. An animalistic libido and a demonic thirst for power and blood. Sharma delivers an earnest performance but it takes time to get him to understand because his last works are a romantic or comic. But, he delivers his best and he has all characteristics on a high point from madly love interest to jealousy.

Vikrant and Ali Faizal have a quite interesting job, Vikrant almost plays himself but Faizal tries to deliver again a different. He is not the guy from Fukrey or Bang Bajaa Baarat, he not build is a body but also expressions and postures are exactly like a bodybuilder.

The cinematography has showcased in a very good manner where the editor also chopped it well. The continuity remains in a violent scene, which was rare to an Indian series or movies. Action choreography is a just top notch and Ali Faizal evolves as a great action hero. The character of Munna’s friend Compounder is very weakly written and his arc is not intelligent like others. And it’s a series creators had enough time to present it well, and it was played by a very well known actor “Abhishek Banerjee”, who has recently hit “Stree”.

Highlights: Action Direction, Performances, Dialogues, Humor

Limitations: Last Episode, Compounder Character, Flashback episodes

Swetha is born to do the character of Golu, she is as confident as like her voice. Sweta pulls Golu in the next level. However, she has introduced in a physical desire scene but later it was not discovered more in this aspects of the character. Amit Sial has a very less screen time and almost makes very less impact on the story to drive. If you had seen Inside Edge, he had played high caste guy but here he is in a positive character than Mishra but lower cast. One more easter egg of the series is during a shootout of Pandit brothers there’s a commentary going on which was from the last episode of Inside Edge. Is both the world is connected?

Every episode makes you feel that the makers were engaged in a contest with themselves on how much more blood to spill and every episode ends with a cliffhanger. But all the cliffhanger didn’t work because the audience didn’t care about all the characters.

So. here’s the season 1 Mirzapur review. Please tell us what you think about Amazon Prime’s Mirzapur.

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