Night Shyamalan’s Glass Movie Review

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The third installment of Shyamalan’s Super Hero Trilogy “117 Eastrial” aka Unbreakable Series. Glass looks like the most ambitious project of M. Night Shyamalan. Glass has the most paced screenplay in the whole Unbreakable Franchise. Unbreakable released in 2000, at the time when superhero movies are not so popular and there’s no scope for an unconventional superhero movie. After 16 years Split released which was a not so related to the predecessor. Here’s Glass Movie Review with spoiler and details into the previous movies in the series.

Glass Movie Review

Night Shyamalan’s Glass Movie Review

Before getting into Glass Movie Review, let’s see what previous movies had delivered. Unbreakable introduce David Dunn, a security guard when he was returning from a job interview from New York. His train Eastrail 117 crashed killing 131 people and David was the only survivor in the accident. At the crash victims’ memorial service in a church, he finds an unknown card on his car’s windscreen, with the logo of Elijah Price’s art & comic book gallery. Elijah is born with Type 1 brittle bone disease, who develops a theory for exitance of superhumans. At last David made physical contact to Elijah and he said he has a nickname “Mr. Glass“.

And there comes Split in 2016 which was a psychological thriller which is set on a backdrop of the existence of superhumans. Till the end, you will not find any evidence it has any connection to the 117 Eastrial trilogy until Unbreakable did a cameo. “Split” followed a cult following for McAvoy’s performance earning high praise and some critics labeling it a welcome return to form for Shyamalan after a rough patch. Split started from a girl party where three girls are kidnapped by Kevin alias The Horde. Kevin has 23 personalities and there Dr. Karen who is treating him and there are four major personalities left to cure – Patricia, Berry, Hedwig, and Dennis. And there was a suspected who is physically stronger than the other personalities.

You must go for Glass but not expecting any Shyamalan’s twist. Every Shyamalan movie look subtle from outside but in depth, the movies were like a story from the comic book which tells about supernatural or existence of supernatural elements. Glass is a movie that movie buffs are waiting from decades, and it cannot be subtle. Glass started with three weeks after the events of Split.

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Now David Dunn, working with his son Joseph who has grown up, is using his superhuman skills to protect humanity from criminals under a new alias his Super-Hero name known as “The Overseer”. David Dunn came to know from his son Joseph that Kevin Wendell Crumb, who suffers from dissociative multiple identity disorder which provides his designation as “The Horde”, who has hosted a group of cheerleaders in a warehouse. David goes to free them but encounters one of Kevin’s most dangerous personality known as “The Beast”.

As the ambitious Shyamalan’s trilogy, he might succeed what he had planned. But long gestation period of superhero thriller it won’t surprise you with his twisty Shyamalan’s writing and direction. Glass had most of action and CGI from any Shyamalan’s movie from the past. Mcvoy performance from Split looks like came out from the light or say Spot. Bruce Willi’s always underplayed from 19 years and he maintained till now. Mr. Glass has not so in the focus like the movie title but he will not make you disappoint. That’s all for Glass Movie Review, this movie recommended only if you considered it as an event movie with limited production quality.

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