Raj Comics Indian SuperHero That Deserve Movie

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Raj Comics are popularly known for there fantasy and superhero comics in the 1990s to early 2000s. Raj Comics published a line of Indian comic books through Raja Pocket Books since its foundation in 1986 by Rajkumar Gupta. There are several comic book superheroes which are borrowed from Marvel but also a line of Indian superheroes which are completely original from the other comic books.

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Just like DC Comics, most of the Raj Comics are based on fictional places. We cannot categories Raj Comics superheroes as dark or not because we have read and feel many shades but we have never seen as a motion picture or even an animated series. Here is a list of 8 Raj Comics Indian SuperHero That Deserves a Movie. We listed them according to their popularity among comic book reader and the essence of originality.

Raj Comics Indian SuperHero That Deserve a Movie


Nagraj is the most popular Indian superhero of later 90s which was created by Sanjay Gupta written in the 1980s. Nagraj has changed a lot in his last two decades in print, both in terms of looks as well as powers and abilities and became cooler. In the golden age of Television 1997, a television ad for Nagraj featuring Sonu Sood aired on TV for advertising.

In ancient times, there existed a fictional kingdom known as Takshaknagar, ruled by King Takshakraj and Queen Lalita. King and Queen had no worries except for one fact that, they had no offsprings. The absence of a prince or princess made Nagpasha the only potential heir to the throne of Takshaknagar. Nagpasha was the younger brother of the King Takshakraj. Knowing that he was the only expecting heir to the throne in absence of King’s son, Nagpasha started living a lavish worry-free life.

As the time passed Queen Lalita got very depressing and upset. When King realizes it he finds a way to pray Dev Kaljayi and he blessed them to have a great son. The great son was later recognized as Nagraj after facing several problems from their enemies. Later, Nagraj was presented to the world as a creation of Professor Nagmani. Nagraj was meant to be an ultimate killing machine, and his original plan was to hire out Nagraj to the highest bidder among villains and terrorist groups of the world.

Nagraj is considered one of the best Indian comic book series. Nagraj comic book list consists of three niches like Nayagan Series, Amazing Friends of Nagraj, and the crossover Nagraj and Supercommando Dhruv. The main Nagraj comic book list Nayagan started with Varankand and later eight more Nagraj comic books and ninth version of Nagraj upcoming comic book is titled as Mahanayagan. For more info and amazing facts please check Raj Comics site.
Alter Ego: Mr.Nagraj Shah
Abilities: Ageless, Unique hypnotism, Poison-bite, Snake-spit, Venomous breath

#2.Super Comando Dhruv

Super Commando Dhruva made his first appearance in “Pratishodh Ki Jwala”, published in 1987. A general Super Commando Dhruva issue used to be an about 30-page issue, which dealt with the origin of Superhero Dhruva. Super Commando Dhruva operates in the fictional Indian city of Rajnagar. He is the founder of a fictional government-approved crime fighter organization Commando Force.

Dhruva’s parents Shyam and Radha, two trapeze artists who used to perform in Circus situated on the outskirts of Rajnagar known as Jupiter Circus. Dhruva was brought up in the circus itself, from where he got the ability to communicate with them. While Dhruva growing up he became an expert on bike stunts. There is a big list of Super-Villains in Super Commando Dhruva, among all Grand Master Robo is most powerful he runs an organization of terrorist “Robo Army”, who was first appeared in “Maut Ka Olympic”.
Real Full Name: Dhruva Mehra
Abilities: Genius-level intellect, Communicate with most birds and animals, breathe underwater


Doga is the only Indian Anti Superhero character in comics. Doga is only comic superhero which was planned to made in a motion picture from eight years but canceled due to various reason. Doga is supposed to be directed by Anurag Kashyap, In the trailer launch of Bhavesh Joshi Superhero, Anurag Kashyap was asked about Doga he confirmed it was canceled. Might be the Anti Superhero characteristic was impressive to the director because in all of his movies we can see dark characters.

Doga origin sounds like a 1980s Bollywood Action Drama. Suraj was an orphan who was found as an infant in a rubbish dump by Daku Halkan Singh, a ruthless Dacoit. Suraj’s life took a turn for the better when he met Adrak Chacha and his brothers. Initially, Suraj used to practice in his gym in absence of any members. But Adrak sees his devotion and allowed the child to make use of his Lion Gym for weightlifting helping him to build his muscles. He was also given training in martial arts under Haldi Khan (one of Adrak’s brothers), boxing under Dhania Khan, marksmanship and Fighter Pilot under Kalimirchi Khan (the youngest brother). Because of a personal tragedy seeking revenge, Suraj adopted the alter ego of Doga, wearing a dog mask to hide his identity.
Alter Ego: Suraj
Abilities: Expert hand-to-hand combatant, Communicate with canines

#4.Inspector Steel

Inspector Steel is the most underrated Superhero among other popular superheroes of Raj Comics. Inspector Steel is the most heavyweight superhero of Raj Comics, He is a cyborg of an about 450 Kilogram. He is a member of Raj Comics most popular team affiliation named P.O.E.M which means Protractor of Earth and Mankind. Inspector Steel made of stainless steel is created by Naresh Kumar.

In an accident Inspector Amar lost some major parts. Amar’s friend Professor Anees was the one who performed this operation, In order to save his life, his brain was placed into a mechanical body; making him a cyborg. In the body Inspector Steel, his brain is only human parts remain. The most surprising element in the world of Inspector Steel is that his most known villain is a human name “Mechanic” who gets irritates with andro-humanoid robots.
Alter Ego: Inspector Amar
Abilities: Cyborg with X-Ray Vision, Not Harmed Easily


Gamraj is not a genuine Raj Comics superhero, he is comical among all and has no powers. Gamraj has his power is his pet young bull buffalo Yamunda bestowed with the divine power of transforming into anything wished by his master Gamraj. It was told that Yamunda is a gift to Gamraj from the Gods as an apology for their blunders.

Gamraj is the son of Yamraj, (the god of death) in Hindu Mythology. Gamraj has been living on earth among normal people as he has been very emotional and sentimental and live on earth as he wanted to help the people here in permission of his father Yamraj along with his buffalo Mahish.

There are three villains in Gamraj life, where Loudspeaker who has a diabolic voice. The loudspeaker can create a storm by just whistling. Sir Fode (Head-Breaking in English) and Speedbreaker also most notable villains of Gamraj. In the list of Raj Comics Gamraj published the cheapest rate over the nation.
Alter Ego: Gamraj
Abilities: No


Parmanu in English means Atom and also it was heavily inspired by the Atom Comics published by DC which was appeared in 1940. Parmanu appeared in 1991 in Aag Comics and developed and created by Raaj Comics Stan Lee “Sanjay Gupta”. In a dangerous event, Vinay was rescued by his maternal Uncle, Prof. K.K. Verma, and was brought to his lab where he was introduced to a costume of superpowers which leads Vinay to Wonderman Parmanu.

Parmanu has all his superpowers in his superhero suit which gives him several abilities. Parmanu can fly up to the speed of sound with ease and can go beyond it and can fire atomic bolts from his chest. Parmanu receives back up from Probot, a micro-bot who keeps an surveillance on Delhi with the help of his cameras, which he has fitted in numerous places around the metropolitan city.
Alter Ego: Inspector Vinay
Abilities: Atomic rays, Teleportation, and Shrink Rays


Only female Indian Superhero in our list characters created by Raj Comics. Chanda is a member of the team affiliation P.O.E.M and she has the most unconvincing origin story of Raj Comics character. Chanda was an ordinary housewife simple and not very much educated, until one day she discovered that her husband had been killing her daughters. The unsightly and injustice of it all open up the volcano of anger in her, sending the smoke to the heavens. The Goddess Kali uses Chanda’s body to transform into Shakti, to deliver justice. Chanda killed her husband in the form of her alter ego Shakti.

Shakti was created by Anupam Sinha and written for the matured audience and it’s a dark among on all. Chanda lacks sex appeal, due to which she was disliked by her former husband. She alters ego, Shakti, on the other hand, does not tolerate injustice and violence at all and is also prominent beautiful.
Alter Ego: Chanda
Abilities: Produce fire and melt metals to produce weapons


Bhokal is a Raj Comics Indian legendary Superhero winged warrior prince of a fictional fabled Parilok (fairyland). Bhokal’s wing gave him the power to fly but later he lost them in Mrityuyog comics because of one of his enemy Kaal-Kundli’s disability in Bhokal’s fate. The Real name of Bhokal is Rajkumar Alop (Prince Alop), Bhokal first appeared in a seven comic series along with his friend’s Tureen (with whom he falls in love), Shootan and Atikrur. He descended to earth to take part in a fighting tournament and landed in Vikasnagar, becoming a zealous defender of the people of Vikasnagar.

Fuchang is most important and danger supervillain in Bhokal comics. Fuchang first appears in seven Comics of Bhokal, Fuchang is the murderer of Bhokal’s Family. Bhokal defeat and Killed Fuchang in “Bhokal Aur Fuchang” comics. Himraj, Guneek, and Kaal-Kundli are some more noted enemies of Bhokal. Most favorite character of Bhokal is Kapala. Kapala is Turin’s shape-shifting cat which can fly.
Alter Ego: Alop
Abilities: Superhuman strength, Highly skilled Swordsman, Armour, Flying Power

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