Shankar Movies List Ranked Best To Worst

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Shankar is known as the most successful Indian director of all time. S.Shankar is best known for its technical brilliance from the era of last 1990s. Shankar’s recent release 2.0 / Enthiran 2/ Robot 2 is opened with a huge opening. Science Fiction and Vigilante Movies are most favorite genres of S Shankar. Here is All Shankar Movies List Ranked Best To Worst.

Shankar Movies

Shankar Movies List Ranked Best To Worst


Indian introduces the extensive uses of prosthetics for the first time. Indian is still considered as one of the finest movies from both director Shankar and actor of Ulaganayan Kamal Hassan. Senapathi is still the hard character of Kamal Hassan’s career. Indian is one of the dozen movies where Kamal Hassan played two characters and one of them is 80 years old.

Indian is released in Hindi as “Hindustani” and also dubbed in Telugu. As a true fan of Maestro AR Rahman, I can say that Indian is the most below average work of Rahman. Indian was the first Shankar Movies to selected for Best Foreign Movie nomination in Academy Award. Later Jeans was selected, but we listed at last for various reasons. Indian also won National Award for Best Special Effects, this film is the first page of Shankar’s love for VFX.

Besides a great vigilante storytelling, Indian is a movie which cannot be remade like the original. Indian was ahead of its time movie of the time. Later Shankar made various vigilante thrillers like Anniyan and Sivaji The Boss.

Cast: Kamal Hassan
IMDb: 8.1


The most watch Bollywood movie on television is the Shankar’s directorial debut in Hindi “Nayak: The Real Hero”. Nayak was the most expensive Bollywood movie of the time 2001 but failed to recover its budget for some exhibitor. Nayak was a remake of Shankar’s own Tamil Blockbuster “Mudhalvan”.

Shankar Movies are about what a common Indian director cannot believe in it. Nayak is about a thin line where a Television Reporter who overnight became a Chief Minister only because of his first Interview with the ruling Chief Minister. Mudhalvan shows to Indian Cinema that how you can be an out of the box being in the region of the mainstream.

Mudhalavan is one of the finest action movies in Indian Cinema, In Nayak during an action sequence where Shankar used 32 cameras to create his mojo. Nayak is a classic big budget movie but it is remembered for its climax, where there are only two characters. Bollywood well-known art director Anurag Kashyap written the dialogues of Nayak in his initial career.

Cast: Anil Kapoor/Arjun Sarja
IMDb: 7.8/8.4


Anniyan released in the best time for psychological drama, where movies like Ghajini were ruling at the South Indian box office. Anniyan was the movie where it brings Chiyaan Vikram a great fan following in Telugu market.

Shankar’s movies are not only different out of the box, but also an educative at a point. Where Hindustani talked about Indian history and Indian martial art Kalaripayuthe. Anniyan is a psychological drama about multiple psychological disorder and punishment written in doing for injustice in Garuda Puran.

In this vigilante psychological drama, Vikram played three characters. The original character is Ambi an honest lawyer who is frustrated with this society. That became the reason for the origin of vigilante “Anniyan” or in Hindi “Aparichit” who fights for the crime according to Indian ancient punishment rule Garuda Puran. And the last Remo who is the ideal lover of his love Nandini.

Cast: Vikram Chiyaan
IMDb: 8.2


Sivaji The Boss became an instant hit of time. Sivaji came from the same favorite genre of Shankar but it told in a different way. Sivaji is the most mass oriented movie of Shankar, but he made full justice and also gain critical acclaim for his direction and writing. Sivaji is textbook how to make a movie with a Super Star and satisfy all kind of audience.

Sivaji The Boss also won National Award for Best Special Effects. Sivaji also acclaimed for it action choreography done by Peter Heins. Sivaji was later released in 3D. Sivaji later released in Hindi, just like other Shankar movies Sivaji was a big hit in Television among all North Indian audience and most mentioned dialogue “Sher Akela He Aata Hai” which was also used a reference in SS Rajamouli‘s movie “Eega”(Naan Ea/Makkhi).

The movie is about Sivaji a software engineer NRI, who return India to help poor from his non-profitable organization of schools and medical college. Later he was asked to give bribe to all authorized people in the head. Later he was countered for this and all corrupted ministers and MLA came against him. How Sivaji overcame this situation is all about till the ending.
Cast: Rajnikanth
IMDb: 7.5


This movie series consists of two movie Robot and next part “2.0”.Robot was the first science fiction movie in Shankar’s career starring Rajnikanth in a dual role of scientist Vaseekaran and an andro humanoid “Chitti”. Enthiran made on a whopping budget of 150 Crore INR in 2010 and the sequel is one of the most expensive movies not in English.

Robot is considered one of the finest sci-fi movie made outside of Hollywood. Enthiran released in Hindi as Robot and Telugu as Robo. Shankar wants to title the movie Robot in all languages but not possible in Tamil Cinema at that time. Recently released 2.0, the sequel of Robot is well receiving from critics and audience for its extravaganza special effect and action sequence.
Cast: Rajnikanth, Aishwarya Rai, and Akshay Kumar
IMDb: 7.1


The debut movie of S Shankar describes he is going to be best in the Industry. Gentleman is a very unique concept of that time. Gentleman tells a story like Robin Hood figure, and the main antagonist of the movie was an honest cop which brings a great amount of greyness in the storytelling.

The main antagonist played by Arjun Sarja is a thief. Gentleman was later remade in Hindi as “The Gentleman” starring Mega Star Chiranjeevi in lead along with Juhi Chawla. The Gentleman was a fine remake but it could not recover its money for its massive budget and starring a Telugu actor which was produced by art director Mahesh Bhatt. The tunes made by AR Rahman are reused by Anu Malik in the Hindi Version.
Cast: Arjun Sarja, Madhoo
IMDb: 8.0


Nanban is a well-done job from Shankar but we put late in the seventh position. Nanban was a remake of Hindi coming of age blockbuster “3 Idiots” directed by wonderful director Rajkumar Hirani. 3 Idiots itself is based on the book “Five Points Someone” written by Chetan Bhagat. However, writer Abhijat Joshi had made some changes according to their convenience. Nanban is a frame to frame remake of 3 Idiots and also released in Telugu as Snehitudu.

Nanban was the second remake of Rajkumar Hirani movies, and Shankar made full justice to the essence of the original. Vijay recreates the role played by Aamir Khan, along with Jeeva and Srikanth. Nanban was also screened in Melbourne Film Festival.
Cast: Vijay, Illeana DCruz
IMDb: 7.6


Kadhalan is more popular because of its classic songs composed by AR Rahman. The songs Muqabla and Urvashi became the most popular pop songs of the decade. Kadhalan is still considered as the best movie of Prabhu Deva till date. Kadhalan was released in Hindi as “Humse Hai Muqbla” and Telugu as “Premikudu” and became a hit in all the languages. Kadhalan song is also remade in English as “Its My Birthday” by inspired the title of Rajsirpy’s 1996 film Take It Easy Urvasi. AR Rahman told in an interview that the word “Urvashi” is given by Shankar.

Kadhalan is a mainstream Indian romantic action movie about Prabhu(Prabhu Deva), the student chairman of Chennai’s Government Arts College, is asked by his principal to invite the Governor of Tamil Nadu, Kakarla Sathyanarayana Moorthy, to be the chief guest on the annual day of the college. When he goes to invite Kakarla, he bumps into his daughter Shruthi, instantly falling in love with her.
Cast: Prabhu Deva, Nagma, Raghuvaran


Boys is a coming of age drama starring five debutant actors and one newcomer actress Genelia D’Souza. Later, Sidharth and Genelia became a great pair in Telugu cinema. Boys released in Telugu as the same name where it completes 365 Days in one theatre in Hyderabad.

Boys is the first adult comedy of Kollywood, where it boldly picturized scenes about attraction and sex. Boys met mixed reception where the first half was well received for its fun and songs choreography. Where the second half was completely different and hard depressing. The musical drama got more preferenced in the post-interval.

Cast: Sidharth, Genelia
IMDb: 7.3


I or popularly known as Shankar’s I  is a very polarizing movie in Shankar Movies list. I is most promoted movie in Tamil or South Indian cinema. Arnold Schwezengher is invited for the audio launch of “I” composed by traditional AR Rahman.

The Album received well in all the languages including Hindi and Telugu. The trailer of Shankar’s I became viral for its visuals and prosthetic done in Vikram’s character. Vikram works hard for a year in this character where he became thin for the prosthetic and later became a bodybuilder Lingesan.

I considered as a misguided because of the third character where we can see a werewolf beast which is not actually in the main movie except a song picturized in the theme of “Beauty and the Beast”.

Cast: Vikram, Amy Jackson
IMDb: 7.4


Jeans is now considered as misguided, mostly because of an undeserved Oscar Nomination. Just like other Shankar movies, Prasanth in a dual role of brothers. Shankar not only a big fan of VFX also for the excellent choreography in songs. There is a full song dedicating to all the seven wonders. That says his excellent love for cinema and filmmaking.

Jeans received positive response all over including overseas. But now it is criticized for the climax and extensive use of special effects. In the same year, Ram Gopal Varma’s Satya is more likely to be selected for Oscar nomination. But Jeans was selected might because of grandeur and acceptance in the Overseas market.

Cast: Prashanth, Aishwarya Rai
IMDb: 6.4

Hope you have watched all the Shankar Movies, all the movies are recommended to watch you want to watch a mainstream movie with great gripping content. In the list of “Shankar Movies List Ranked Best To Worst”, actually none of them the movie is really worst.

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