SS Rajamouli Movies Best To Worst

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S.S Rajamouli is known for his eminence considerable work in Telugu cinema. His movies are generally considered as a master in fantasy genre movies which tackle some wonderful terms such as reincarnation to fictional places.SS Rajamouli next movie is with Jr NTR and Ramcharan Teja which is initially titled as #RRR announced in SS Rajamouli twitter handle. Here are all SS Rajamouli Movies Ranked Best To Worst.SS Rajamouli Movies

In this list, we are considering both the Bahubali movies as one. There are many upcoming Rajamouli movies as per the only official. After the multi-starer #RRR, there’s a movie with Mahesh Babu, where KL Narayan as the producer and as per reports the movie is titled as “Samrat”.SS Rajamouli Mahabharat is also a talked about a movie as per the sources.

SS Rajamouli Movies Ranked Best To Worst


Eaga is the first bilingual movie of SS Rajamouli, which was also simultaneously remade in Tamil as “Naan Ee”. Eaga is made with a minimal budget of that time, the hero of the movie is a CGI created “Housefly”. After Magadheera this made Rajamouli continuously believing in the topic of reincarnation but this time reincarnated to a housefly. The narrative of Eega is in the form of a bedtime story told by a father to his daughter. Its protagonist is Nani, who is in love with his neighbor Bindu. Eega is one of the noted Indian fantasy movies, and a highlighted Best SS Rajamouli Movies filmography, this shows S.S Rajamouli can create magic with a controlled budget also.

Eaga also introduces Rajamouli is also introduced to the North Indian audience as a Hindi dubbed version “Makkhi”. Makkhi didn’t get huge attention among Hindi audience initially. But later satellite Makkhi earns a lot of cult following when it is premiered in Star Gold. Ajay Devgan and his wife Kajol, acting as parents telling the film’s story to their child at bedtime, provided voiceovers during the opening credits of Makkhi and also address a famous dialogue of Ajay Devgn in the title song.


One of the most ambitious SS Rajamouli Movies is the cult franchise Baahubali. Rajamouli and his father K. V. Vijayendra Prasad Raja Nandini started writing after the huge success of “Magadheera”. Baahubali came as a big surprise to non-Telugu cinephiles but Telugu audience has waited a long time for this. Baahubali was the most expensive Indian project until Shankar’s 2point0. Producers Shobu Yarlagadda and Prasad Devineni have spent almost 5500 Million INR, which need more than five years including its post-production to complete this duology.

Baahubali set on an ancient kingdom of Mahishmathi, a woman carrying a baby falls into a waterfall and breathes her last, but before dying, she holds the baby in one hand above her head. The baby is rescued by local villagers and adopted by Sanga and her husband. Later they named him Shivudu, the introductory scene of Shivudu who wants to climb the waterfall. After several failed attempt one day he finds a mask and surprising succeed but when he goes up, and several this in disclosed front of him, and he has named him as “Baahubali”. He found out the main goal of his life to rescue the peoples of Mahismati from the evil brother of his dead father “Bhalaaldeva”.

The rest story is answered in the second chapter of Baahubali – “Baahubali: The Conclusion”. The first installment gain a large cult following because of it’s larger than life character, technical aspects and most important the question “Why Kattapa killed Baahubali ?”. Till date, Baahubali is the most successful Indian movie franchise and a Television Series “Baahubali: The Begining” which is going to stream soon on Netflix soon. Baahubali franchise also consists of an animated series on Amazon Prime and also comic books and novels based on the characters.

Rajamouli and Tamil lyricist Madan Karki created a language called “Kilikili”. Kilikili consists of at least 750 words and more than 40 concrete grammar rules. It was designed to be an intuitive language, Karki used hard consonants and soft consonants depending on the nature of the word’s meaning. Kilikiki was created keeping in mind that the Kalakeya warriors had to be portrayed as terrifying brutes, and sounds the same in all the versions.


Magadheera is a romantic-fantasy action film, written by K. V. Vijayendra Prasad and directed by S. S. Rajamouli. Magadheera starts where a warrior Kala Bhairava and his princess Mithra were hurt after a war and later leads to their death. After 300 years Bhairava born as a bike racer but when he meet Indu their fingers accidentally touch, and Harsha feels an electric current passing through him, which triggers a few fleeting images.

Magadheera revolves around four people: a valiant warrior in charge of the princess’ safety; the princess who loves him. The commander-in-chief who lusts after her; and an emperor who wants to conquer their kingdom. There are several reincarnation movies in India like Om Shanti Om, Karz and Karan Arjun. But, Magadheera is the only movie which tells the reincarnation part in back and forth.

Magadheera was dubbed into Tamil as Maaveeran and Malayalam as Dheera: The Warrior and was released simultaneously on 2011 in more than 100 and 50 screens respectively, with both versions being commercially successful. Magadheera was further remade in Bengali as Yoddha: The Warrior by Raj Chakraborty with Dev and Mimi Chakraborty portraying the respective roles but failed to impress their audience, Yoddha was criticized for its poor execution of special effects and casting.

At a point of time as per sources, Magadheera was going to remake in Hindi directed by Anurag Kashyap with Ranveer Singh but later canceled due to unknown reason. But later Magadheera premiered in television in Hindi with the same name in Sony Max under the banner of Goldmines.


Chatrapathi was the first movie of Prabhas with SS Rajamouli, where Shriya, Bhanupriya, and Shafi played pivotal roles. Chatrapathi has some similar storyline with Baahubali, Sivaji played by Prabhas is something else in front of his mother but his brother is jealous because of his mother’s affection towards Sivaji.

Chatrapathi was remade in Kannada under the same name with Dr. Siddhanth and Priyadarshini in lead roles and in Bengali as Refugee starring Prosenjit and Rambha. Chatrapathi is like Godfather in Telugu cinema, the movie is all about a refugee Shivaji turning out to be a gangster Chatrapthi. Chatrapathi is considered the highest voltage mass movie of all Rajamouli movies.

Chatrapathi is nominated in several awards in 53rd Filmfare Award South but won nothing, where the Best Film goes to Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana. Chatrapathi ran for 100 Days in 54 centers and critically acclaimed for it’s writing and violent action sequences choreographed by Peter Heins.


Yamadonga is the hattrick from the combo Prabhas-SS Rajamouli. Yamadonga has some similar plot lines to previous movies like “Waah! Life Ho Toh Aisa” and other mythological fantasy movies. Yamadonga used some of the best VFX work in Telugu cinema of the time and later awarded in Nandi Awards for Best Special Effects.

Yamadonga is the first of all SS Rajamouli Movies, where it deals with Heaven and God of Death (Yamaraja). Jr NTR plays an orphan name “Raja” and he is a thief, Mahi (Priyamani) give him a necklace, which he throws away because it is worthless; however, it always comes back to him. But ten years later her life was not the same as before Mahi’s family treats her like a slave while they enjoy the money her grandfather left behind. Mahi waits for her “prince” to come to rescue her while Raja is still the conman as before.


Sye is a coming of age action sports drama SS Rajmouli movie written by Vijayender Prasad. This was the second movie of Genelia in Telugu cinema, after the success of Satyam which starred Sumanth in lead. Sye stars Nithin in lead and Pradeep Rawat played the main villain. Sye is his third film after the successes of Student No.1 and Simhadri.

This is a very special movie in SS Rajamouli movies list because of it’s the unique concept of that time. Sye is one of the first Telugu movies to use extensively DI (Digital Intermediate). The action sequence where a character is a hit and fall in the train line just before it passes away and a scene where Nitin and his friend hide underwater. Those are the VFX which had aged well in Indian cinema. When Sye was released VFX is not appreciated well in Award Functions except National Film Award.


Simhadri was the first grand SS Rajamouli movie with bloodshed and lots of violence. Simhadri was one of the biggest hit of 2003 after”Tagore” and “Okkadu”. Simhadri had later remade in Kannada and Tamil, but the magic was never recreated. Even though the remakes are directed frame to frame, but it’s not appealing to the core audience.

Simhadri is about an orphan and good-hearted lad Simhadri (NTR) is ‘adopted’ and grows up under Ram Bhupal Varma’s (Nassar) family care in Visakhapatnam, they share is like father and son. Kasturi (Ankitha) is Varma’s granddaughter, and she takes Simhadri for granted. Simhadri visits a mentally challenged girl called Indu (Bhumika Chawla) once a week and provides money to her caretakers. Kasturi wishes to marry Simhadri, but Simhadri refuses to marry her, later the story unfolds as a flashback where Verma is not okay with his daughter and Simhadri is forced to be someone less.

Simhadri passed with Adult certified for its violence and disturbing scenes like the antagonist raped a woman in the street. Simhadri was sold at a high price to ETV Network for its satellite rights. Simhadri made on a budget of 8 INR Crore, and it ran for 175 Days in theatre in 52 centers.


Vikramarkudu is the only SS Rajamouli movie with Ravi Teja and still considered as the biggest hit of Ravi Teja’s career. Vikramarkudu is was screened at the International Film Festival of India in the mainstream section.

Vikramarkudu tells a story about Athili Sathi Babu (Ravi Teja) is a conman in Hyderabad, who is crazy and his friends Duvva (Brahmanandam) like to cheat people. Sathi fall in love with Neeraja (Anushka Shetty), who is in Hyderabad to attend a marriage. Sathi Babu makes his way into her heart and she also starts loving him. Sathi Babu tells her the truth about him being a thief and resolves to give up crime forever.

But his life goes upside down when Sathi met a little girl who claimed to be her daughter. Neeraja caught Sathi while the girl calling him “Dad”. And later a group of goons try to kill him but fails because a group of police saves him. The policeman narrates a story about a guy “Vikram Singh Rathore” who is a lookalike of Sathi.

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9.Student No. 1

The debut SS Rajamouli movie which is an example of how to be a master in storytelling. Student No. 1 tells an unknown story just being in the land of the mainstream. SS Rajamouli made a successful debut, it also lifts the stardom of Jr NTR at the time and this was the first box-office success. Later Jr NTR and Rajamouli collab three times and given a hundred percent success record.

Aditya (NTR Jr.) joins a law college in Vizag as a student. The college is notorious for its unruly students headed by Satya (Rajiv Kanakala). Aditya is shown as a mysterious young man, and throughout the first half, there are flashbacks to his story. And the flashback ends with a twist that he is traveling to his College from his prison every day.

10.Maryada Ramanna

SS Rajamouli movies have faced plagiarism many times for lifting Hollywood movies and their scenes. Maryada Ramanna is allegate to be a copy of Our Hospitality, which is a silent black and white comedy movie. Maryada Ramana is probably the most low budget from all SS Rajamouli movies. Maryada Ramana is a slapstick comedy starring Sunil in lead. Maryada Ramanna was also dubbed in Japanese as Anatagaitekoso and released on 26 July 2014 in Japan, the first SS Rajamouli movie.

Maryada Ramanna is later remade in 4 Indian languages with the completely different cast and crew. Most successful of all Maryada Ramanna remakes is “Son of Sardar”, which stars Ajay Devgn and Sonakshi Sinha in lead. However, the Son of Sardar is not well received by the critics, where most of them are negative reviews. Where Vallavanukku Pullum Aayudham, the Tamil remake received mixed reviews.

In terms of reception, Maryada Ramanna’s remake doesn’t meet its original acceptance, might be because of its narration only appealing to Telugu audience.

Taking the last position in our list of Best SS Rajamouli Movies is because it’s not larger than life like the other SS Rajamouli movies filmography. Maryada Ramanna is completely different from other SS Rajamouli movies, where the protagonist is not a superhero like others. It’s not the worst movie at all, but it cames least from all the masterpiece that has been directed by SS Rajamouli.

So, this is all SS Rajamouli Movies list Ranked From Best To Worst. All the movies listed above are available in Telugu, Tamil, and Hindi. And some of the movies are also available in other foreign languages. Please let us known which of the SS Rajamouli Movies you liked and for which you are looking forward including #RRR.

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