Thackeray Marathi Movie Review

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A 130 minutes long biopic on ‘Bala Saab Thackrey’ stars Nawazuddin Siddiqui, who also portrayed Saadat Hussain Manto who also love the city of dreams Mumbai, but in a very different way. Here’s our Thackeray Marathi Movie Review. Thackeray has been released in Hindi and Marathi, where most of the characters land their voice from popular Marathi actors.

Thackeray Marathi Movie Review

Thackeray Marathi Movie Review

Nawazuddin Siddiqui fills the frame right from the first frame into a courtroom, where Thackeray is under-trial for instigating the knocking down of Babri Masjid. Thackrey stays in character even as the younger man back in the 1960s who left his job as a cartoonist with a newspaper to launch his own weekly journal ‘Marmik’. A few days before Tollywood movie ‘NTR: Kathanayukudu’ released which has similar set pieces and also end on a “to be continued” note.

The detailing also makes you feel uneasy, where there were scenes where Thackrey speaks to a troubled Muslim family that suffered during the Mumbai riots, the camera pans over a tiger sculpture. We only see moments of Thackeray’s inability in his time spent with his wife Meena (Amrita Rao), who has nothing much to do. However, he is the smoker, drinker and also a cricket buff like any Indian, roaring ‘tiger’ who can stop cricket matches and call his peoples to take up arms if necessary, someone who is single-minded in his agenda. In short, he is a tiger but with his soldiers, he accepts every wrong damn thing he did which makes it non-white washed biopic but there is a reason behind it just like ‘Sanju’.

But keeping aside the Hindi version, the Marathi version of the movie did not please you because most of the dialogues have landed the voice by well known Marathi actor ‘Sachin Khedekar’, which will cut-off you from the character. Thackrey has some bold dialogues, and every ones favorite is the where Thackrey said that this Nation should have a Hitler.

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Abhijit Panse, the director of Thackrey uses the black and white color palette to signify the past and color to bring us into the 0s, intercutting with the court case, which becomes a means for Thackeray to clearly establish his attitude towards democracy, communalism for own people and also violence. The movie is also filled with well detail and choreographed set pieces but few moments drop your interest because of it’s weakly written screenplay. The Indira Gandhi scene is one of the major highlights of the movie.

Thackeray Marathi Movie Cast:

Nawazuddin Siddiqui – Balasaheb Thackeray
Amrita Rao – Meena Tai Thackeray
Sudhir Mishra – Mastan
Rajesh Khera – Morarji Desai
Abdul Qadir Amin – Jaidev Thackeray

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