TVF Kota Factory Review: A Web Series Every Science Student Must Watch

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The Viral Fever forth original web series of 2019 after Tripling, ImMature and Insiders. Here are the three episodes TVF Kota Factory Review.

TVF Kota Factory Review

The new TVF show is dedicated to Shrimati SL Loney, Shri Irodov and physics pro guide HC Verma, ‘Kota Factory’. TVF Kota Factory is India’s first ‘Black and White’ show highlights the problems present day IIT-JEE aspirants face in their preparing lives. Kota is mentioned in many of the TVF Series and other skit videos but this show is based on the KOTA student and their system.

Kota formerly known as Kotah is a city located in the southeast of Rajasthan. Kota is located about 250 kilometers (155 mi) south of the state capital, Jaipur, located on the banks of River of Chambal. With a huge population of over 1.2 million, it is the third most populous city of Rajasthan after Jaipur and Jodhpur, 46th most populous city of India and 53rd most populous urban cluster of India. In this show, the TVF creators show the very real feeling of the pioneer of education market Kota.

Creator: Raghu Subbu
Genre: Drama
Original Network: TVF

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TVF is known for the content that most of the creators think the audience is not ready for. Like most of the creators think, OTT platforms are only for the adult contents but they proved them wrong with series like Yeh Meri Family which are very sensitive to the Indian audience and their sentiment. Kota Factory doesn’t only show parental pressure but also show from the parent’s point of view what they expect from their children.

TVF Kota Factory ‘Episode 1: Inventory’ begins from a 10th passed Vaibhav and his father searching for the best coaching institute in the city of Kota.  Vaibhav didn’t get admission in the best so they go for the second best but he didn’t get admission in the major A1 batch, but in A5 with not the best faculty as the first one. Vaibhav complain to the president where he met their physics teacher “Jeetu Bhaia”, he gave him a set of question to solve and he’ll get admission in the A1 batch. His roommates help him find some of the questions in other reference books and he copied them, Next day Jeetu checked them and he told him the questions he has done have the wrong end result which he had copied from the books. Jeetu said Vaibhav that A5 is what he deserves and he had to accept it and work hard to get into IIT.

Kota Factory Episode 2 ‘Assembly Line’ show how Vaibhav compromise and adjust to living with all the problems faced by all Kota students like heavy water of Chambal and the bad food served in Prodigy. In Episode 3:  Optimisation is set around Inorganic Chemistry where he had faced exception in every question in DPP. All the actors in the series have done exceptionally well, where Mayur More in the role of Vaibhav seems completely in the world of Kota and a breathless monologue is a memorable scene, along with Ranjan Raj who have also seen in TVF ImMature. Jitendra Kumar as Physics teacher who is also agony aunt of all the students and also strict about IIT plays a major role which is a feather in the cap of his filmography.

It was the last episode where Uday as the real motivational friend of Vaibhav and why he is the most matured character in the whole series. In the third season, Vaibhav (Mayur More) delivers an impressive rant, but the small monologue by Uday Gupta makes everyone emotional. The best lines in his rant were “Maa Baap ka decision Galat Ho Sakte Hai Lekin Unka Niyat Kabhi Galat Nahi Hota”. At the last scene of the season the screen change from black and white to colored. Hopefully, Kota Factory Season 2 will be in colored and we will see the world of Maheswari.

TVF Kota Factory Cast

Mayur More – Vaibhav Pandey
Ranjan Raj – Meena
Jitendra Kumar – Jeetu Bhaiya
Alam Khan – Uday Gupta
Ahsaas Channa – Shivangi

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