Vijay Devarkonda’s Taxiwala Review

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Taxiwaala directed by debutant Rahul Sankrityan is quite impressive to both critics and audience. After the mediocre NOTA, this was a big challenge for Vijay, a very new concept and after pre-production file was leaked. Here’s Vijay Devarkonda’s Taxiwala Review.

Taxiwala Review

Taxiwala Review

Taxiwala is about a ghost, who wants to avenge its death, but Taxiwaala sets itself apart in terms of its set pieces. Despite a haunted house, the storyteller unfolds inside a haunted car. You might find similarities to Hollywood movie Christine and Bollywood cult television hit “Tarzan The Wonder Car”.

Rahul brings together quite a few interesting elements to weave a convincing story. Vijay’s characterization becomes extremely passive. It is like watching two different films and this tonal shift is not quite smooth enough but still, the sci-fi element will make you believe in it.

Taxiwala Story

In this sci-fi horror adventure ride, Vijay Devarakonda (Shiva) goes to Hyderabad after his graduation and work as a cab driver. Shiva falls in love with his vintage car even knowing of the fact that the car it is haunted. From the first frame, Taxiwala is staged as a thrilling ride featuring a man and his machine.

Shiva meets Anu (Priyanka Jawalkar) and falls for her on the first ride. After dropping Anu, Shiva starts experiencing spooky things inside the vintage car he bought, most of them are not harmful to him but scares others. The interval sequence is very well shot and it will make your interest in the mystery.

Shiva and friends try to find the mystery from their sources and end on a new term of scientific term “Astral Projection”. There is also a parallel inter-related plot with Shiva’s brother played by Ravi Prasad and his wife played by Kalyani. The rest of Taxiwala is all about how the pseudoscientific process is related to the haunted car.

Taxiwala Cast

Vijay Devarakonda – Shiva
Priyanka Jawalkar – Anu
Malavika Nair – Sisira Bharadwaj
Vishnu – Hollywood
Madhunandan – Babai

Talking about the performances Priyanka is quite impressive what she had done with not more screen time. Vijay is natural like always, in every scene he looks like a cab driver and you will not feel that he is acting someone else, his behavior to his attitude very impressive. Ravi Varman as the professor is good and his acting evolved from many years and this is the best performance of his.

Cinematographer Sujith Sarang does a splendid job to create the world of Taxiwaala and a wonderfully shot underbelly of Hyderabad, and it is easily one of the best works this year in Telugu cinema this year. Music director Jakes Bejoy does a fine job, and the film also scores high in terms of VFX, recreating some of best visual of the time, which will age well for several years. Taxiwala consist of 620 special effects shot which would be one-third of recent S.Shankars movie 2pointo.

Hope You like Vijay Devarkonda’s Sci-Fi Horror Taxiwala Review.

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