What’s Your Status Web Series Review

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What's Your status web series review

What’s Your status is a web-television hindi rom-com series, which consist of three different stories from a different relationship status – Single, Committed and Married. The series is now available in Cheers YouTube Channel. The first season end with 5 episodes with a happy ending and they promised to deliver a second season of “What’s Your Status” soon. The first season was premiered on 16th July 2018. Here is our What’s Your Status web series review.

What’s Your Status Story

The pilot of the series consists the stories of our three characters- Tej Kiran aka TJ (committed), Bharat(married), and Baljinder (single) in their narrative, and as the story goes further, consists of their explanation of their statuses in different relationship ladder and other problems. The last episodes tell how their relationship is going, beginning with, a happy note along with the unsure of things.

What’s Your Status Web Series Review

The problem with Indian web-series is that every creator wants to make his own “Permanent Roommate’s” created by TVF. If you notice, every Indian channel are more interested in romantic comedies. We are not saying they are finding the easy way, but it is a truth that we still don’t have Video Game High School or Project X.

Now See “What’s Your status” as a standalone series, the performance and writing are We get to watch some great performance we rarely see them on any platform. First of all the three lead male actors Manjot Singh, Naveen Polishetty, and Abhay Mahajan. All the three actors are great in their roles Naveen, who has done a great job in his debut Telugu film and later we saw him in many AIB videos and made his point as his capability of doing humor. Manjot as a college-going student is impressive again. However, the favorite character of all in this series is Bharat played by Abhay Mahajan, popularly known as Mandal in TVF Pitchers.

The female characters are very matured than other rom-com web series especially the role of Sandhya played by Anisha Victor, she makes believable a girlfriend we all want, and she makes Naveen more lovable. The two eastern girls Meghna Burman and Plabita are right in their place. Plabita has lesser screen space as the story demands still she has done in the right way. Kumar Varun and Gurpreet Saini are best in their side-kick roles and funny as they can.

The teleplay of the series is written by Sandeep Balan but directed by three different directors Madhur Agarwal, Amit Mishr, Prateek Prajosh for the three stories, and edited by Nitesh Varma. Moreover, all the three makes a great narrative combination. Looking forward to watching this combo again.

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Directors: Madhur Agarwal, Amit Mishr, Prateek Prajosh
Writer: Sandeep Balan
Editor: Nitesh Varma
Original Network: Cheers YouTube Channel
What’s Your Status Web Series Cast:
Manjot Singh
Plabita Borthakur
Kumar Varun Kumar
Naveen Polishetty
Anisha Victor
Abhay Mahajan
Megha Burman

Hope You liked our review on Cheer’s Ultra Shorts web series What’s Your Status let us know in the comment section. Also, Check the trailer of What’s Your Status.

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